Wedding albums

When it comes to wedding photography, one of the most important elements is the album. A high-quality wedding album is a beautiful and timeless way to preserve the memories of a couple's special day.

"Beautiful reminders of your amazing day and people we love"

Our wedding albums combine luxury, quality and price with environmental concerns.
It is part of our goals to reduce the environmental footprint, improving the production process and making it progressively more environmentally friendly. Eco Collection uses ecologically managed forest paper (FSC) and "green" printing without using the chemical process of photographic development.

Eco Collection

100% eco friendly

The Eco Collection promises to be a best-seller and an important contribution for photographers in times of economic uncertainty. The price is truly attractive and with hundreds of possible combinations that make it unique for your customer. On the other hand, the Eco Collection is probably the most Eco-Friendly Album on the market.

The Eco Collection consists of a 35x25 (14x10") Album. The 25x18 (10x7") size Parents Album is available as an option. Both are lay-flat with Normal Binding or Soft Binding on 250gr Pure White paper, with or without varnish.

Wood Collection

Luxury materials

The Wood Collection consists of 1 Album (30x30 or 35x25) and 1 Kuno Wood Box. The main feature of this set is the album cover and box. They are made of wood and the price is irresistible.
The album cover and the Kuno Wood Box are available in 3 colors: Black, Natural and Oak, with 2 finishes, plain or with laser engraving. For the back cover of the Album you can select one of our Standard or Luxury materials.
Printing is made on Smooth White 270g or Pure White 250g with Soft Touch, Glossy or Matte Anti-scratch lamination. The fly pages are produced on the same paper selected for the album. The base price is calculated for 20 spreads (40 pages) and it is possible to add multiples of 5 spreads up to a maximum of 50.

Journal Art Book

cotton rag

It's unlike anything else - a soft, leather-wrap cover envelops pages of beautifully hand-torn, cotton rag fine art prints - front page embossed in gold. A rustic leather strap closure winds around to finish the look. The Journal cover is unattached to the block of pages.

Cotton Rag is the most popular paper chosen by photographers to create high-quality fine art prints. The fine, slightly textured surface and feel of this paper are ideal for printing both black and white and color photographs and art reproductions with impressive pictorial depth.

What 's next:

select your photos


Once you have confirmed with me that you wish to have a wedding album I will send you a link to your pictime gallery to start your selection of photos for the album. You will have to select a total of 140 images that will then be added to your mock album.

I know which album I want. What is my next step?

Choosing a professional printer for a wedding album is crucial for ensuring the highest quality product. Professional printers use high-quality materials, such as archival paper and pigment-based inks, that are designed to last for many years without fading or deteriorating. They also have access to specialized printing equipment and technology that allows them to produce images with exceptional detail and color accuracy.

Chose your wedding album


There is a wide range of customisation options, including cover materials, paper types, and page layouts, to create an album that is truly one-of-a-kind. I will send you a link so you can select those that you wish to include in your album along with all the extras you might wish to add to the order.

let him cook!


This is where the magic starts. Now that you have selected the photos you wish to include in your wedding album, I will proceed to prepare the mock up version. You will receive an email once it has been completed to make the necessary changes and modifications to ensure that your album is personalized to reflect your unique style and vision.

Do you have specific questions? Reach Out to ME!

Get in Touch

sit back and relax!


Once the final mock up has been approved all is left to do now is sit back and relax. The production time varies depending on the album of course, but the usual production time is 15-20 days. Albums can then be sent directly to your front door within 24/48h depending on your location. Times may vary outside of Europe.